The DeSantis migrant situation: what you need to know

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With the 2022 midterm elections on the horizon, politicians are preparing for campaigning season. This includes Texas senator Ted Cruz, who is planning a major swing through key states. Meanwhile, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is facing scrutiny from a Texas sheriff over his role in flying migrants to Martha's Vineyard. Elsewhere, the Judicial Conference is calling for improved safety measures for judges, and the FDA is conducting a review of baby formula shortages.


  • Texas sheriff investigating DeSantis’ role in flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard: The sheriff of Palm Beach County, Florida is investigating whether Governor Ron DeSantis violated any laws when he arranged for a group of migrants to be flown from Texas to Martha's Vineyard.

  • Cruz plans major 2022 campaign swing — including key states in the 2024 presidential race: Senator Ted Cruz is planning a major campaign swing through several key states in 2022, including several that will be key in the 2024 presidential race.

  • Elton John to perform at the White House: Elton John is set to perform at the White House as part of a series of events celebrating LGBT Pride Month.

  • Judicial Conference calls for improved safety measures for judges: The Judicial Conference of the United States has called for improved safety measures for judges, after a number of threats and attacks in recent years.

  • 5 things to watch as Biden heads to the United Nations: As President Biden heads to the United Nations General Assembly, there are five key things to watch, including his meetings with world leaders and his speech to the assembly.

  • OSCE Ukrainian staff members sentenced in Russian-separatist kangaroo court: A group of OSCE staff members who were abducted by Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine have been sentenced in a kangaroo court, raising concerns about the safety of international observers in the conflict zone.

  • How Judge Cannon broke with conservatives in Trump documents case: In a case involving the release of documents from the Trump administration, Judge Amit Mehta broke with his conservative colleagues on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and ruled that the documents must be made public.

  • Biden leaves no doubt: ‘Strategic ambiguity’ toward Taiwan is dead: President Biden has made it clear that the United States' "strategic ambiguity" toward Taiwan is over, and that the US will now provide more explicit support for the island nation.

  • Doubts rise over whether DeSantis had budget authority to fly migrants: There are doubts about whether Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida had the budget authority to fly a group of migrants from Texas to Martha's Vineyard, after it was revealed that the state did not have a contract with the airline that made the flight.

  • How Democrats are trying to counter a wave of GOP attacks on crime: As the Republican Partylaunches a series of attacks on the Biden administration's handling of crime, Democrats are trying to counter the narrative with a focus on the root causes of crime.

  • Why Dems’ voter registration surge isn’t a midterm cure-all: Despite a surge in voter registration among Democrats, it is unlikely to be a cure-all for the party in the midterm elections.

  • The Cheney 2024 conundrum: With former Vice President Dick Cheney considering a run for president in 2024, the Republican Party faces a dilemma: whether to embrace him or distance itself from him.

  • New York spent $250M on ventilators, X-ray machines to fight Covid that went unused: New York spent $250 million on ventilators and X-ray machines to fight Covid-19, but the equipment went unused as the state's infection rate declined.

  • Adams planning to end vaccine mandates on private-sector, student athletes: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is planning to end vaccine mandates for private-sector and student athletes.

  • White House and Delaware prepare for migrants from Texas: The White House and the state of Delaware are preparing for a migrant surge from Texas, as the Biden administration prepares to resume deportations.

  • Zelenskyy says world must ‘choose sides’ as he beams in to revived Clinton event: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the world must "choose sides" in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as he beamed in to a revived event for Hillary Clinton.

  • Civil rights group files first lawsuit against DeSantis over 'illegal' migrant flights: A civil rights group has filed the first lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida over his "illegal" migrant flights, alleging that the migrants were brought to the state against their will.

  • FDA baby formula review spares specific blame amid ongoing shortages: An FDA review of the baby formula industry has found that while there are ongoing shortages of certain formulas, there is no specific company to blame.

  • POLITICO Playbook: The Playbook guide to the midterms: The POLITICO Playbook team has put together a guide to the key races and issues to watch in the midterm elections.

  • The Fed Is Getting Even