Screpy Roadmap 2023 ๐Ÿš€




We are proud to announce that we have updated our roadmap based on the feedback we received from our users. We carefully evaluated each request from our users and they have decided what improvements should be made by 2023. Now, we are ready to share our newly updated roadmap with our users.

Your feedback shapes Screpy's future. So please keep giving us feedback. ๐Ÿ˜

Our team is working hard on version 3 of Screpy and we are very close to the finish line! We are thrilled to announce that all the features on the roadmap for Screpy 3.0 will be released in the upcoming version. We are excited to provide a more advanced, intuitive and user friendly experience for our users.


New Dashboard

Status Feature Description
Done New dashboard design An easier and more understandable, modern dashboard design.
Done New notification system Notifications about the analyses and actions of your team members.
Done Teamwork has been redesigned The team system redesigned for easier collaboration with your teammates.
Done A clearer credit system A new plan system that is simpler and understandable for everyone, instead of the credit system.

Analysis & Crawler

Status Feature Description
Done Crawl Histories You will be able to teleport to an analysis in the past.
Done Crawl Notifications You will receive a notification when the crawling process is finished.
Done Faster analyses Much faster website analyses
Done Javascript Support You will be able to analyze websites coded with Javascript.
Done Sitemap Support Optionally, you can have your sitemap pages analyzed instead of the crawler.

Keywords & SERP

Status Feature Description
Done Search Volume Search Volume value for each keyword.
Done CPC Cost per click (CPC) value for each of your keywords.
InProgress Competitors To make it easier for you to track your competitors.
InProgress Competitor Page Analysis Quick analysis of competitor's page on Google search results without entering the competitor's website.
Waiting Google Trends Google Trends graph for each of your keywords.
Waiting Google Search Console Google Search Console Integration
Waiting Categories You will be able to group your keywords.
Waiting Local SERP You will now be able to make more local analyses for your keywords.


Status Feature Description
Done White-label You can add your own logos to your reports.
Done Dynamic Widgets Create your own report designs with dynamic widgets.
Done Templates Don't repeat the same things by creating report templates.
Done Export as PDF You can export your reports as PDF.
Done Sending Reports You can easily send the reports to other people.
Done Scheduled Reports Project reports are automatically generated according to the period you have determined.

AI Features

We have outfitted every inch of Screpy with Artificial Intelligence capabilities! We can hardly contain our excitement as we get ready to show you the features we have been working so hard on.ย 

You wonโ€™t believe what we have in store โ€“ we canโ€™t wait to share it! ๐Ÿš€

Help us improve Screpy!Your feedback is important to us.