Chelsea Manning: 'I struggle with the so-called free world compared with life in prison

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These are the headlines for October 23rd, 2022. In today's news, we cover topics ranging from the benchmarking of single board computers, to Ethereum's recent merge, to Binance's security as a cryptocurrency exchange. We also have articles discussing the risks of overinvesting in unregulated markets, and the vacation rental company Vacasa which has recently slashed 280 employees. Finally, we also have articles discussing Bitcoin's changing correlations and its potential to become a haven again, as well as a look at the largest lay-offs in the US this year.


  1. Single Board Computers Benchmarks: This article lists and compares the performance of different single board computers.

  2. Chelsea Manning: ‘I struggle with the so-called free world compared with life in prison’: In this article, Chelsea Manning reflects on her experiences in prison and how they compare to life in the "free world."

  3. 5 Reasons Why Ethereum's Merge Is Great for Crypto: This article outlines 5 reasons why Ethereum's recent merge is good for the cryptocurrency industry.

  4. Is Binance a Safe and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange?: This article discusses whether Binance is a safe and secure place to trade cryptocurrencies.

  5. A hacker who stole and sold Ed Sheeran songs for crypto gets prison time: This article discusses a hacker who was sentenced to prison for stealing and selling Ed Sheeran songs for cryptocurrency.

  6. The Mind-Blowing Reason Why Bitcoin Could Eventually Reach a $1 Million Price: This article discusses a theory on why Bitcoin's price could eventually reach $1 million.

  7. 3 Cryptos Under $1 With Explosive Potential: This article lists 3 cryptocurrencies that are under $1 and have potential to grow significantly.

  8. Technology has upended how art is created and consumed. Is that a good thing?: This article discusses how technology has changed the art industry and whether or not those changes are positive.

  9. The Risks Of Overinvesting In Unregulated Markets: This article discusses the risks of investing in unregulated markets.

  10. Ripple Gets The Documents It Wants; Maybe Not The Ones It Needs: This article discusses how Ripple has obtained the documents it wanted from the SEC, but they may not be the ones it needs.

  11. Vacation Rental Company Vacasa Slashes 280 Employees—Here Are The Biggest U.S. Layoffs This Year: This article discusses how vacation rental company Vacasa has laid off 280 employees, and lists other major U.S. layoff events from this year.

  12. Cryptocurrency Scam Victim Who Lost Over $1 Million To Get Over $100,000 Back, Prosecutor Says: This article discusses how a victim of a cryptocurrency scam is set to receive over $100,000 back from the perpetrator, according to a prosecutor.

  13. Seattle Is Ground Zero in Debate Over the Best Way to Vote: This article discusses how Seattle is at the center of a debate over the best way to vote.

  14. Nvidia: Insider Bets Vs. Kelly Bets: This article compares the stock performance of Nvidia when insider and Kelly bets are made.

  15. Crypto loves impact markets: Notes from Schelling Point Bogotá: This article discusses how the cryptocurrency industry is making an impact in markets like Bogotá.

  16. What Are The Features Of BNB Wallet?: This article outlines the features of Binance's BNB wallet.

  17. CDC: Surge In Young Kids Hospitalized With Respiratory Illnesses Like RSV, Flu: This article discusses how there has been a surge in young kids hospitalized with respiratory illnesses like RSV and flu.

  18. Instacart Calls Off Its Planned IPO, as Tech Stocks Are Tanking Across the Board: This article discusses how Instacart has called off its planned IPO, due to tech stocks tanking across the board.

  19. Bitcoin’s Changing Correlations May Mean It’s Becoming a Haven Again, BofA Says: This article discusses how Bitcoin's changing correlations may mean that it is becoming a haven asset again, according to Bank of America.

  20. Billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht says Jerome Powell and ‘his merry band of lunatics’ are destroying faith in capitalism and leading us toward ‘social unrest’: In this article, billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht criticizes Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve for destroying faith in capitalism and leading the country toward social unrest.

  21. Heroic Hasbullah: How a Russian internet sensation landed a contract with UFC and earned worldwide fame: This article discusses how Russian internet sensation Heroic Hasbullah landed a contract with UFC and achieved worldwide fame.

  22. What Is Cryptocurrency Arbitrage and How Does It Work?: This article discusses cryptocurrency arbitrage and how it works.

  23. Get $20 USD in ClubONE Points When You Download The Club 1 Hotels Mobile App: Free: This article discusses how you can get $20 USD in ClubONE points when you download the Club 1 Hotels mobile app.

  24. Still Deep Blue, But Trending Red: This article discusses how the color blue is still associated with the Democratic Party, but is trending red.

  25. Spain overtakes El Salvador to become third largest crypto ATM hub: This