Crypto Roundup - US Supreme Court Case, Ethereum Merge, Bitcoin Adoption, Volatility & More




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Welcome to the news! Today, we're discussing the US supreme court case that could bring the tech giants to their knees, Ethereum's merge, the mind-blowing reason why Bitcoin could eventually reach a $1 million price, 3 cryptos under $1 with explosive potential, Ripple's legal battle, and Bitcoin adoption in Africa. We also have articles on the Big Bang Theory, cryptocurrency arbitrage, and mobile cryptocurrency mining. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the news!


  • The US supreme court case that could bring the tech giants to their knees | John Naughton: This article discusses the potential implications of a recent US Supreme Court case involving the tech giants.
  • 5 Reasons Why Ethereum's Merge Is Great for Crypto: This article lists five reasons why Ethereum's recent merge is positive for the cryptocurrency industry.
  • The Mind-Blowing Reason Why Bitcoin Could Eventually Reach a $1 Million Price: This article discusses a theory about why Bitcoin's price could potentially reach $1 million in the future.
  • 3 Cryptos Under $1 With Explosive Potential: This article discusses three cryptocurrencies that are currently trading for less than $1 but have strong potential.
  • Ripple Gets The Documents It Wants; Maybe Not The Ones It Needs: This article discusses Ripple's recent legal victory in obtaining documents from the SEC.
  • Legal & General Group: A Safe 9.2% Yield That Could Change Your Life: This article discusses the Legal & General Group, a company that offers a safe 9.2% yield.
  • Bitcoin Adoption Happens Fastest In Circular Economies: This article discusses how Bitcoin is adopted most quickly in economies where there is a lot of economic activity.
  • Powering African Youth’s Financial Revolution With Bitcoin: This article discusses how Bitcoin is being used to power a financial revolution for African youth.
  • Is Volatility In The Bitcoin Price Coming Soon?: This article discusses whether or not volatility is coming soon to the Bitcoin price.
  • The Big Bang Theory: 10 Cringiest Parts Involving Sheldon (According To Reddit): This article lists the 10 most cringe-worthy parts of The Big Bang Theory involving the character Sheldon, according to Reddit.
  • Bitcoin’s Changing Correlations May Mean It’s Becoming a Haven Again, BofA Says: This article discusses how Bitcoin's changing correlations may mean that it is becoming a safe haven asset again.
  • What Is Cryptocurrency Arbitrage and How Does It Work?: This article discusses what cryptocurrency arbitrage is and how it works.
  • Mastercard and Paxos help banks offer crypto, Jack Dorsey details new social platform and Tesla hodls BTC: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 16-22: This article is a weekly roundup of cryptocurrency news.
  • Bitcoin will shoot over $100K in 2023 before 'largest bear market' — trader: This article discusses a trader's prediction that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in 2023 before a major bear market.
  • Spain overtakes El Salvador to become third largest crypto ATM hub: This article discusses how Spain has become the third largest cryptocurrency ATM hub.
  • How to do mobile cryptocurrency mining?: This article discusses how to do mobile cryptocurrency mining.
  • What directional liquidity pooling brings to DeFi: This article discusses how directional liquidity pooling can help DeFi.
  • EU Shifts Regulatory Focus to DeFi, Report Highlights Likely Policy Direction: This article discusses how the EU is shifting its regulatory focus to DeFi and highlights a recent report on likely EU policy direction.
  • St. Anthony: Crypto currency seems more risky fad than store of value: This article discusses how St. Anthony views cryptocurrency as a risky fad.
  • Tesla is still holding its Bitcoin despite major market uncertainty: This article discusses how Tesla is still holding its Bitcoin despite current market uncertainty.
  • Ethereum is going green, will bitcoin follow suit?: This article discusses how Ethereum is moving to green energy and asks if Bitcoin will follow suit.
  • 2022 is like a splash of cold water for crypto bros, retail traders, van lifers, and remote workers: This article discusses how 2022 will be a reality check for many people.
  • BTC/USD Price Outlook: USD Strength & Rising Yields Hold Bitcoin Back: This article discusses the BTC/USD price outlook for the near future.
  • Ethereum Bearish Pressure Can Drag ETH Back Down To $1,000 – Here’s Why: This article discusses how Ethereum's price could potentially fall back to $1,000.
  • Bitcoin Price Remains Within A Narrow Range, What’s Next For The Bears?: This article discusses how the Bitcoin price has been range-bound and asks what the next move for the bears will be.
  • Data: Bitcoin Whales Who Accumulated At $18k Have Continued To Hold Strong: This article discusses data that shows how Bitcoin whales who accumulated at $18,000 have continued to hold their positions.
  • 3 Altcoins That defy Bitcoin Dominance And Continue To Rally – CSPR, TWT, CRV: This article discusses three altcoins that are defying Bitcoin's dominance and continuing to rally.
  • The Other Side Of The Do Kwon Story: Fat Man Terra Visits Laura Shin: This article discusses the other side of the Do K