Nasdaq Freezes Chinese Small-Cap IPOs After Price Spikes

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Today's top stories include a stir caused by a review, a freeze on Chinese small-cap IPOs, moves by China's Xi Jinping, and proposals by Republican election skeptics.


  • Causes stir: a newsworthy event or story that has caused a lot of public interest or excitement
  • REVIEW: Refreshed David Geffen Hall Hits Right Notes: a critical review of the recent renovations to the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center
  • WSJ: No Sympathy: an article from the Wall Street Journal about the lack of sympathy for wealthy individuals who have been hurt by the recent economic downturn
  • Nasdaq Freezes Chinese Small-Cap IPOs After Price Spikes: a news story about how the Nasdaq has halted all new Chinese small-cap IPOs due to concerns over pricing irregularities
  • China's Xi Jinping Moves to Extend Rule as Top Communist Party Rivals Retire: an article about how Xi Jinping is consolidating power within the Communist Party by forcing out potential rivals
  • Republican Election Skeptics Propose Changes That Could Affect 2024 Vote: a news story about how some Republicans are proposing changes to election procedures that could have an impact on the 2024 presidential election
  • In the Future, There Will Be No Passwords—Because You Keep Giving Yours Away: an article about how password insecurity may eventually lead to the end of passwords as we know them
  • Meta-backed Meesho is Beating Amazon, Walmart in Race for Indian Shoppers: an article about how the Indian startup Meesho is surpassing both Amazon and Walmart in the race to capture the Indian e-commerce market