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Today's headlines include news on topics ranging from mental health and student debt relief to the world's most spectacular new library. Other headlines include updates on the Grey Poupon salad dressing scandal, a common respiratory virus spreading at high levels, and Pakistan's election commission announcing that Imran Khan will be disqualified from holding office for five years.


  1. Grey Poupon is attempting to capitalize on the recent Olivia Wilde scandal by releasing a new salad dressing.
  2. Mental health workers in California have voted to end their 10-week strike.
  3. Actor Stanley Tucci has spoken out against the new live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid," saying it goes against everything he knows about pasta.
  4. There are three things that can help reduce the sting of high inflation: diversifying your portfolio, creating a budget, and staying disciplined with your spending.
  5. The Biden administration's student debt relief program has been temporarily paused by an appeals court while it reviews a case challenging the program.
  6. The week in 30 photos includes images of snow in the mountains of California, a homeless man in New York City, and a protest against the military coup in Myanmar.
  7. Balenciaga has ended its partnership with Kanye West.
  8. This week's Look of the Week features Kaia Gerber, who is the spitting image of her mother Cindy Crawford in an Alaïa outfit.
  9. A common respiratory virus is spreading at unusually high levels, overwhelming children's hospitals. Here's what parents need to know.
  10. Pakistan's election commission has said that Imran Khan will be disqualified from holding office for five years.
  11. Twelve people were injured when 'nightmare' turbulence hit a transatlantic flight.
  12. A sanctioned Russian oligarch's $500 million superyacht has left Hong Kong for Cape Town.
  13. One of the world's most spectacular new libraries has opened in Dubai.
  14. Life gets more unbearable for Palestinians in Jerusalem's only refugee camp.
  15. James Corden has broken his silence about the restaurant ban that was imposed on him after he made a joke about Donald Trump.
  16. Tom Brady has answered a retirement question, saying that he plans to play for as long as he still enjoys the game.
  17. 'Ticket to Paradise' is getting mileage out of its George Clooney-Julia Roberts pairing.
  18. 'The Peripheral' travels into two different futures and still isn't worth your time.
  19. In pictures: Taylor Swift's journey from country icon to pop superstar.
  20. What to know about Friday's sentencing of Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress.
  21. Can Max Verstappen and Red Bull become Formula One's new dynasty?
  22. The era of the meme trade is over.
  23. Russia's war in Ukraine.
  24. Newsmax has banned Lara Logan after her QAnon-style rant and has condemned her words in 'the strongest terms.'
  25. A major Modigliani show is shedding new light on how the artist worked.
  26. Lana Del Rey has said that her laptop containing her new album was stolen.
  27. Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' album is out. So, what's the verdict?
  28. Your intuition is real. Here's how to strengthen it.
  29. Henry Thomas reminisces about 'E.T.' as the movie turns 40.
  30. Opinion: A prison fire. A brave climber. And a tide of change in Iran.