Goldman on Where Australia's Record M&A Run Goes From Here




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Welcome to today's news. In today's headlines, we have stories about a hacker who was jailed for stealing Ed Sheeran's unreleased music, a comparison of the Robinhood and Stash investing apps, and a new collaboration between ArtGee and SuperRare that presents new opportunities for digital art investors. We also have stories from Goldman Sachs about Australia's record M&A run, and about whether or not Bitcoin can help you retire early. And finally, we have stories about police officers who are using hacking techniques to catch criminals, Tim Draper's investment strategy, and a potential self-destruction of a major cryptocurrency.


  • A hacker who stole unreleased music from Ed Sheeran has been sentenced to jail time.
  • Robinhood and Stash are two investment apps that offer different services. This article compares and contrasts the two.
  • ArtGee and SuperRare are collaborating to provide new opportunities for digital art investors.
  • Goldman Sachs offers their predictions for where Australia's record-breaking M&A run will go from here.
  • Can Bitcoin help you retire early? This article looks at the pros and cons.
  • Is it finally time to consider investing in this crypto company? This article provides an overview.
  • When cops hack back: Dutch police fleece DEADBOLT criminals (legally!). This article looks at a new tactic being used by police.
  • “I Back The Missionaries, Not The Mercenaries” Tim Draper On His Investment Strategy. This Tim Draper quote is from an article discussing his investment strategy.
  • The Next Terra Luna? A Major $5 Billion Cryptocurrency Could Be About To ‘Self-Destruct’—Potentially Hitting The Price Of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This article looks at the potential ramifications of a major cryptocurrency self-destructing.
  • The Web Is Moving Toward A New Paradigm, And This Is Good News For Its Users. This article discusses the new paradigm shift happening on the web.
  • The Metaverse Is Failing, But This Is One Investment That Will Not Die. This article looks at the metaverse and why it is failing.
  • Coinbase: Be Convinced But Be Patient. This article discusses the crypto exchange Coinbase and why investors should be patient.
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Theory Of Trussonomics. This article discusses the theory of trussonomics and how it applies to the stock market.
  • Core Scientific Again Raises Bitcoin Mining Hosting Rates. This article discusses how Core Scientific is raising their rates for Bitcoin mining hosting.
  • La red social descentralizada Bluesky, creada por Jack Dorsey, consigue 30.000 usuarios en 48 horas. This article discusses the decentralized social network Bluesky, created by Jack Dorsey.
  • Interpol Starts Its Own Police Metaverse. This article discusses how Interpol is creating its own police metaverse.
  • Bitcoin Completes Second Full Week Below $20K as Aptos Finds Market Bottom. This article discusses how Bitcoin has been trending below $20,000 for the past two weeks.
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin, Ether Continue Their Sideways Moves as the World Twists and Turns. This article discusses how Bitcoin and Ethereum have been moving sideways while the rest of the world is in turmoil.
  • First Mover Americas: Bitcoin and Ether Stay Stable in Chaotic Week in Markets. This article discusses how Bitcoin and Ethereum have remained stable during a chaotic week in the markets.
  • In Craig Wright Verdict, Reality Prevails. This article discusses the court case against Craig Wright and how reality prevailed.
  • Hodling Shielded Assets Is the Best Way to Maintain Privacy. This article discusses how hodling shielded assets is the best way to maintain privacy.
  • Some, Not All, Crypto Token Screenings Will Be Scrapped, Japan’s JVCEA Official Says. This article discusses how some crypto token screenings will be scrapped in Japan.
  • THE Memes Won’t DIE: Crypto Hopefuls Seek Value in Joke Tokens After Vitalik Buterin’s Tweets. This article discusses how some crypto investors are seeking value in joke tokens after Vitalik Buterin's tweets.
  • Five Lessons I Learned At Bitcoin Amsterdam. This article discusses the author's five takeaways from Bitcoin Amsterdam.
  • Bitcoin Allows You To Discover The Genius Within. This article discusses how Bitcoin allows investors to tap into their genius.
  • Will A Fractional Reserve System Exist On A Bitcoin Standard? This article looks at the possibility of a fractional reserve system existing on a Bitcoin standard.
  • Bitcoin’s Utility Is Easy To See When Traveling Around The World. This article discusses how Bitcoin's utility is evident when traveling around the world.
  • How the midterms could hit tech. This article looks at how the upcoming midterm elections could impact the tech industry.