Cryptocurrency and NFT News Roundup for October 22, 2022

Today's News

There's been a lot of exciting news in the world of cryptocurrency and digital art today. Telegram is planning to let users auction off usernames for crypto, and ArtGee and SuperRare have collaborated to present new opportunities for digital art investors. Meanwhile, Robinhood and Stash have released new products and the US stock market has seen some ups and downs.


  1. The popular instant messaging app Telegram is planning to launch a new feature that will allow users to auction off their usernames for cryptocurrency.
  2. ArtGee, a digital art investment platform, has partnered with SuperRare to offer new opportunities for investors in the digital art space.
  3. Robinhood and Stash are two popular investing apps that offer different features and cater to different types of investors. Here's a comparison of the two.
  4. US stocks slipped on Thursday after disappointing earnings from Snap stoked fears of weakness in the tech sector.
  5. The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 748 points on Friday as investors bet that the Federal Reserve would take a less aggressive approach to interest rate hikes.
  6. The abandoned Fyre Fest island is being turned into an NFT-powered luxury resort.
  7. Web3 is a new paradigm for the web that is being driven by the rise of blockchain technology. Here's how it could impact your business.
  8. OSOM has revealed the powerful guts of Solana Saga, a new mobile game that features Android 13 and some Essential DNA.
  9. More than 250,000 fake Apple jobs have been removed from LinkedIn in an effort to combat pro spam.
  10. How do you sue a DAO?
  11. STAPLEGUTTER is a lesson in crypto winter collabing.
  12. There has been a shakeup in the crypto industry's c-suite, with major exchanges and companies seeing changes in their leadership.
  13. The Weekly Fix: American savers are left waiting as T-bill rates remain low, stablecoins get a boost from the US Fed, and a former Facebook manager starts a new app.
  14. Generative AI is Silicon Valley's new craze, and it's about to have its coming-out party.
  15. Is it finally time to consider investing in the crypto company?
  16. Can Bitcoin help you retire early?
  17. After another delay, is Silvergate Capital's planned stablecoin now dead in the water?
  18. ApeCoin and Bored Ape Yacht Club investors beware!
  19. Why Tokenframe is one of the best NFT frames for digital art.
  20. Austria is leading the way in European tech innovation with its new NFT stamp art, despite the crypto winter.
  21. The next Terra Luna? A major $5 billion cryptocurrency could be about to 'self-destruct', potentially hitting the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  22. Musk's Twitter deal and Starlink may face national security review, report says.
  23. The web is moving towards a new paradigm, and this is good news for its users.
  24. The metaverse is failing, but this is one investment that will not die.
  25. Introducing Forbes Billionaire Investor.
  26. There's been a vibe shift in Elon Musk's Shenanigans.