Email Marketing & Automation

Mailscribe's AI-powered email marketing platform helps businesses automate email campaigns and increase engagement rates. With advanced machine learning algorithms, Mailscribe optimizes email content, subject lines and send times for maximum impact. Say goodbye to manual email marketing and hello to effortless success with Mailscribe.

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All-in-one Email Marketing Platform

Built-in components

Easily customize your emails with our built-in components, allowing you to add elements like images and videos to your emails without any fuss.


Automate your email campaigns for maximum efficiency with our AI-driven automation tools. Get the most out of your email campaigns and save time.

Subscriber Segments

Manage your subscriber segments effortlessly with our intuitive user interface. Keep track of who subscribed, who unsubscribed, and more.

AI Assistant

Make use of our revolutionary AI assistant to help you create, optimize, and schedule your emails. Never worry about creating a perfect email again.

AI Painter

Create stunning visuals with our AI Painter, allowing you to create visuals that are perfect for any email.


Keep track of your subscribers’ activity and get real-time stats on your email campaigns. See how your emails are performing in real-time.


Collaborate with your team on email campaigns and easily manage permissions and access. Never worry about access to important emails again

Drag & Drop Email Template Builder

Create professional emails with built-in components!

The fastest drag & drop email template builder in the world. Immerse yourself in an extensive component store with built-in design elements, freeing you from tedious coding. Experience the simplicity of nocode design revolution in the world of emails.

Design your first email in 5 minutes!

AI Email Generator

Never walk alone again!

Mailscribe brings you an AI-powered email writer, transforming the way you create emails. This revolutionary platform uses AI to generate images, formulate subject lines and even control the tone of your emails, all at your command. Chat with our AI assistance, paving the way for the future of email creation.

Generate email content with AI

Email & Marketing Automation

Automate your email marketing!

Mailscribe offers cutting-edge email and marketing automation tools that make your strategies more efficient. Automate your marketing, segment your lists and grow your subscriber base under one platform. Build a powerful automated mail strategy that drives results and makes a difference.

Automate your email marketing

Subscriber Segments

Segments & Lists

Easily navigate through your subscribers using Mailscribe's dynamic segment and list features. Leverage AI-powered automation to better group your audience and create targeted lists that improve your email campaigns and better engage your subscribers.

Segment your subscribers

Email Marketing Analytics

Track your email marketing performance!

Stay informed and drive growth with Mailscribe's email marketing analytics. Leverage AI-powered insights and analytics to monitor your performance, help you identify what's working and improve your strategies. Turn data into advantage with Mailscribe.

Track your performance

Design beautiful emails
in a snap!

Mailscribe's built-in components make email design fast and easy. You can drag and drop pre-designed headers, footers, text blocks, buttons, images and more into your email.



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