What the IRS mistakenly disclosing private taxpayer information means for you

Today's News

Today's top headlines include a man being detained after pointing a gun at the Argentine vice president, therequest for $47 billion in aid by the White House, and FBI agents finding Trump Mar-a-Lago records mixed with books and clothing.


  • A man was detained after pointing a gun at the Argentine vice president.
  • Sarah Palin's loss is a warning for the GOP.
  • The White House has requested $47 billion in aid for Ukraine, virus fights, and natural disasters.
  • FBI agents found Trump Mar-a-Lago records mixed with books and clothing.
  • The IRS mistakenly disclosed private taxpayer information.
  • Republicans are attacking the administration agenda in response to Biden's 'soul of the nation' address.
  • The nation's cartoonists are weighing in on the week in politics.
  • Bill Barr says the facts show the Feds were being 'jerked around' by Trump.
  • Nuclear talks are in peril as the U.S. calls the latest Iran missive a move 'backwards.'
  • Trump and Biden are both heading to Pennsylvania to make their case.
  • A Dem super PAC is going after a moderate Republican ahead of the N.H. Senate primary.
  • Biden's U.S.-Pacific island summit is targeting China's growing influence.
  • U.S. hiring slowed in August as employers added 315,000 jobs.
  • Biden's Iran envoy will give a classified briefing on nuclear talks.
  • Biden pulls an eager Trump onto center stage for 2022.
  • The Very Agenda-Driven Caterpillar.
  • One More Trump Legacy: The Casual Savagery of American Politics.
  • A Right-Wing Answer to Vogue Offers Advice on Owning the Libs — and Owning the Season's Best Fashions. (Consider a Striped Dress.)
  • Scrubbed launch ratchets up pressure on NASA's moon mission.
  • Biden climate chief Gina McCarthy is leaving the White House.
  • The VA plans to offer abortion services to certain veterans and beneficiaries.
  • Powell's warning of 'pain' could bring pain on the Fed itself.
  • The G-7 announces a price cap deal on Russian oil in win for Yellen.
  • Our Newsom desk watch.
  • September surprise shakes GOP primary.