A Huge Number of 'Zombie' Companies Are Drowning In Debt




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  1. Markets in Power: A look at the current state of the markets and how they are affecting power.
  2. Best gambling sites in 2022: 10 top-rated online gambling sites ranked for games, bonuses & fairness: A ranking of the best online gambling sites for games, bonuses, and fairness.
  3. 'Better Tech'—A Legendary Google Billionaire Is Backing A Radical Bitcoin And Ethereum Rival Despite Huge $2 Trillion Crypto Price Crash: A look at how a Google billionaire is backing a new cryptocurrency despite a major market crash.
  4. This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through October 1): A roundup of the week's best tech stories from around the web.
  5. Liberal Arts Colleges Show the 'Inherent Interdisciplinary' Nature of Web3: A look at how liberal arts colleges are embracing the interdisciplinary nature of the new web.
  6. The American Bitcoin Revival Takes Root In Nashville: A look at how the American bitcoin revival is taking root in Nashville.
  7. A Decade Later, Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road Sentencing Demonstrates The Government’s Fear Of Bitcoin: A look at how Ross Ulbricht's sentencing demonstrates the government's fear of bitcoin.
  8. Block By Block: Facing Life In Prison, Bitcoin’s Resilience Inspires Me: A look at how bitcoin's resilience inspires one man facing life in prison.
  9. Good Luck Trying To Time The Bitcoin Price: A look at the difficulty of timing the bitcoin market.
  10. Bitcoin Volume Spikes With Market Uncertainty In The UK: A look at how bitcoin volume is spiking with market uncertainty in the UK.
  11. Five Reasons Why American Cities Will Be The Engine Of The U.S. Bitcoin Economy: A look at why American cities will be the engine of the US bitcoin economy.
  12. Lessons To Consider When Building A Decentralized Future: A look at lessons to consider when building a decentralized future.
  13. Bank Of England Pivots To Avoid Financial Emergency: A look at how the Bank of England is pivoting to avoid a financial emergency.
  14. The Bitcoiner’s Guide To Yield Curve Control And The Fiat End Game: A look at how yield curve control and the fiat end game will affect bitcoin.
  15. Tamadoge LBank listing – 10x gains expected as the meme coin of the moment gets a new listing: A look at the Tamadoge LBank listing and why it's expected to see 10x gains.
  16. A Billionaire From Clean Energy, Musk Vs Fisker And How To Get Sustainability Tax Breaks: A look at how to get sustainability tax breaks from a billionaire from clean energy.
  17. Crypto 'may have hit the ultimate bottom months ago,' analyst says: A look at how crypto may have hit its bottom months ago according to one analyst.
  18. Liberal Arts Colleges Show the 'Inherent Interdisciplinary' Nature of Web3: A look at how liberal arts colleges are embracing the interdisciplinary nature of the new web.
  19. Immutable Holdings Announces Voting Results for Its Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders: Immutable Holdings announces the results of its annual and special meeting of shareholders.
  20. Cryptocurrency Prices Today October 01: Bitcoin marginally up, Dogecoin lags behind: A look at how cryptocurrency prices are faring on October 1.
  21. Net Bitcoin ATMs growth drops globally for the first time ever: A look at how the growth of Bitcoin ATMs is dropping globally for the first time.
  22. Putin gives Snowden citizenship, Interpol elicits help in Do Kwon search and FTX US buys Voyager: Hodler’s Digest, Sept. 25-Oct. 1: A look at the week's top crypto news.
  23. What is wrapped Ethereum (wETH) and how does it work?: A look at what wrapped Ethereum is and how it works.
  24. Nexo-labeled address withdraws $153M in Wrapped BTC from MakerDAO: A look at how a Nexo-labeled address has withdrawn $153M in wrapped BTC from MakerDAO.
  25. Why Capitalism Is Incongruous with Democracy: A look at how capitalism is incompatible with democracy.
  26. A huge number of ‘Zombie’ companies are drowning in debt. This CEO sees a reckoning as interest rates soar: A look at how a CEO sees a reckoning coming as interest rates rise.
  27. Neighbors unhappy about crypto mining operation in Glencoe, Minn.: A look at how neighbors are unhappy about a crypto mining operation in Minnesota.
  28. [Transcript] – Ben and Jessa Greenfield Go On A Walk & Talk About Education, Legacy, Finances